The SULADS Journal is the triannual publication of SULADS. It features updates on the latest happenings on the organization, stories from the volunteers, cultural awareness, projects, and many more!

The SULADS Annual Report is to show the year’s blessings from each field and department.

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 Lalag Sept 2016 

July – September 2016

This issue features the exciting stories from the SULADS in Agusan and Surigao about their challenging walk with God.

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April-June 2016

Our April – June edition features the wonderful SULADS industries’ stories from the Honeybee Project & the Farm.

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January-March 2016

This Lalag issue is featuring the interesting stories of people who have worked with SULADS for a long time.

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2015 Annual Report

This is a witness report of the blessings God has for us in SULADS.  Press on in faith!

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July-September 2015

This Lalag issue is featuring the exciting and wonderful stories of God working in the lives of those in South Cotabato and Davao del Sur.

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April-June 2015

Lalag (the new name for SULADS Journal means Message in Manobo) expresses the exciting and heartfelt stories in working together with the Muslims.  May you be able to see a different side than what media depicts the Muslims to be.

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January-March 2015

The January-March edition of the SULADS Journal features stories of acceptance, submission, escape, and deliverance from the common Lumad culture called “Buya” – a practice on early and arranged marriages. Let’s take the journey with the students from the SULADS Comprehensive High School for the Lumads as they share their experience.

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2014 Annual Report

God has never failed us in SULADS.  Share His Word!

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July-September 2014

The July-September edition of the SULADS Journal features heart-warming stories from the SULADS Comprehensive School for the Deaf and the Mangyans of Mindoro. May these stories inspire you to serve God even amid difficulty and incapability.

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April-June 2014

The June edition of the SULADS Journal is here! This month, we are featuring stories from the SULADS work in Tawi-Tawi. Enjoy reading!

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January-March 2014

May you be inspired as you read this very first issue of the SULADS Journal. This debut issue features stories from the mountains, giving you a background of the challenges met by our volunteers and the the culture of the Lumads.

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